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Air Drum Rocks NYTM

One of the great highlights of the monthly New York Tech Meetup is always the featured Hack NY part of the evening. Last night featured three hardware hacks that were each impressive in their own right, but also just plain … Continue reading

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TeuxDeux is the best, simplest, and most useful to-do application in human history. No exaggeration. Pencils and sticky notes dominated for about 80 years and, since their slow decline, no software design team has managed to beat those tools until … Continue reading

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Harnessing the Political Moment

Each month the largest Meetup event in the world takes place in New York City, where local innovators show off their latest work at the NY Tech Meetup. Over 800 people come each month, and hundreds more now watch live … Continue reading

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“There is not a room anywhere in the city that has as much creativity and talent as this one does,” the mayor said. “We certainly can’t sit here and let Silicon Valley be bigger than us at anything. I mean, … Continue reading

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The Second Market Potential of CityPockets

I recently wrote that CityPockets surprised me at the New York Tech Meetup, but I never effectively explained why. The main reason is that daily deals and collective discount systems have become so ubiquitous in online tech that my eyes … Continue reading

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