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Harnessing the Political Moment

Each month the largest Meetup event in the world takes place in New York City, where local innovators show off their latest work at the NY Tech Meetup. Over 800 people come each month, and hundreds more now watch live … Continue reading

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“It’s easier to hold to your principles 100% of the time than it is to hold to them 98% of the time.” ~ Clayton M. Christensen (@claychristensen) Harvard Business Review, July 2010

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Lot 18

As a niche market company offering high value, recession-proof goods, bargains for consumers and a marketing opportunity for wholesalers, Lot 18 has nailed all of my ideal attributes in a company. But that’s not why I tried out the online … Continue reading

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CEOs Handling Customer Support

What do Steven Brill, Mike Hudack, Babak Nivi and Chris Siragusa all have in common? They are all innovative founders who have all personally responded to my customer support requests. Many of you know that Craig Newmark takes the prize … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire

The best new media product I’ve seen since the iPad is the Kindle Fire. This is not a typical tablet. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a content delivery system. It is inaccurate to compare this directly to the iPad, because the … Continue reading

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