Rob is a gregarious misanthrope, mostly shaped like a monkey. He is an excellent driver, very good father, pretty good husband, lousy cook, and a total failure with religion.

Rob is also a bit of an entrepreneur, investor and general tinkerer. He is co-founder of Dynamo Player, an online video rental platform that enables filmmakers to make their work immediately available for rent or purchase almost anywhere online. He was a co-founder of TinyPass, a simple yet powerful service that allows any web publisher to easily accept quick and secure payments for access to any type of content (this is sexier than it sounds). He also acts as an advisor to a few startups and serves on the board of Microconnex, an industrial micro-machining and flexible circuitry company.

Prior to these ventures, he produced and co-produced the groundbreaking web series American Microphone and Political Lunch, and a couple of documentaries before that. He knows his way around most any camera and is a diligent control freak in Final Cut.

If you are really interested, you can also glean a little bit more from this site: www.RobMillis.com.


Rob advises, works with and invests in several different tech and media companies. He writes about tech and media for a handful of online outlets in addition to this blog. As of now (9/16/11), he has never come across a conflict of interest, but, let’s face it, that day is going to come.

Here on RobLikes.com you can expect to read about new product features and other news from a variety of companies that seem sincerely exciting or interesting to him — stuff he likes. Once in a while there will be a conflict of interest because he has ties to the company or the people involved. Rob will make his best possible effort to fully disclose any interest in the subjects he writes about, but there are no guarantees he won’t completely forget at times, and there are no guarantees it would matter anyway.

Fortunately for you, the thought of selling or shilling for anything he doesn’t believe in makes him want to impale himself with a rusty tire iron, so even when he writes about his own companies you can be damn sure he believes it.

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