[Originally posted at Hope for Film, but applicable to all content producers, freelancers and media mavens.]

Love it or hate it, Klout is a very useful tool that tracks your social networking influence. Klout is like a credit score, but for social networking. The system constantly updates your score based on how much you are engaging with your social network, and how much they engage with you. If you’re inactive for a few days, your score will begin to drop; if you have a hugely popular post to Facebook it will quickly rise.

Klout score tracking

The constantly moving Klout score can be a great informal gauge of your activity, and the way Klout sorts your most popular activity can be a surprisingly effective way to monitor the efficacy of your social media strategy. Under a list of your “moments” Klout highlights your most popular posts to Facebook and Twitter, showing who has engaged with your posts and other content, and also who you have reached out to in comments and replies. Below each entry you’ll also see the Klout scores of everyone who has engaged with that post. It is worth keeping an eye on these to make sure you aren’t ignoring someone who is hugely influential.

Read the complete post at Hope for Film and let me know what you think after using Klout for a few weeks!


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