MaxDelivery landing page

MaxDelivery is one of the best simple and well executed online businesses I have seen in the last 15 years. From paperclips to grass-fed lamb chops, MaxDelivery delivers groceries, movies and basic home supplies you need in about an hour.

Sound familiar? MaxDelivery was launched by Chris Siragusa, previously CFO for the retail fantasy that was Kozmo. For those too young to remember, it was an online retail delivery service that spread like wildfire during the internet boom. You could get a sandwich and a DVD within an hour anywhere in 11 cities, and if you didn’t have a DVD player they would bring that too. Kozmo failed for a few fundamental reasons, including terrible timing of the dotcom crash, but it was becoming profitable in the largest cities it served and the overall model wasn’t flawed.

Siragusa has been expanding MaxDelivery slowly, steadily and reliably — an important improvement over the Kozmo approach. The other major improvement is the collection of partnerships with high quality local shops like Murray’s Cheese, Ottomanelli’s and Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery. These partners provide top shelf gourmet selections at competitive prices and save you a lot of schlepping for excellent food.

A monthly MaxPremium subscription is also a nice improvement over most discount grocery clubs/plans/subscriptions. They’ve been experimenting with subscription plans, so the deal may vary, but right now for $10/month you get substantial discounts and always-free delivery.

There have been some failed experiments too, including the experience I had when they first tried to partner with Seamless Web (dirty bags, late delivery, clearly too many different parties involved), but MaxDelivery adapts quickly and consistently improves.

I highly recommend you try MaxDelivery and save yourself hours of hassle each month for the same prices you already pay at most stores. Even if you love going to the grocery store, sometimes you really just want someone else to bring you snacks and a movie without having to lift a finger.

a footnote:
Looking back, MaxDelivery seems a bit closer to Urban Fetch, which I always thought was superior to Kozmo, but couldn’t compete with the mega-brand that Kozmo became. At the bottom of the MaxDelivery site you can currently see a hint that they have acquired the UrbanFetch brand and may re-launch under that brand sometime in the future.

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